Leela: The Game of
Roll the dice and go beyond life
Leela is a game in which each of us is a player acting out his role. Leela is the universal play of cosmic energy. It is divine play that is present in the nature of the Supreme Self. It is this playful nature that creates the world of names and forms—the phenomenal world. Leela is life itself, energy expressed as the myriad forms and feelings presented continuously to the self.
The purpose is to gain the ability to with­draw from your identifications
As the player moves from space to space, square to square, he begins to see patterns in his own existence, emerging with ever-deepening clar­ity as his understanding of the game broadens. His sense of detachment grows as he sees each state as temporary, something to move beyond. And once the temporality of any space becomes a reality for the player, he can detach from that space and let it go as he seeks to discover ever more about the wonder that is Being.
The saints who invented the game of Leela used the game board to recognize the present state of their own being. By observing their course of movement from one plane to another they could practically observe which snakes brought them down and which arrows took them up. The moves were decided by a karmic die, yet the die when thrown indicated their own evolution because it represented the present state of the player.
As with all games, here too there is a goal, an object to be attained. Because the essence of the player is his ability to identify, his only chance of "winning" the game is to identify with that which is his Source. This is Cosmic Consciousness, the essence of pure Being, which transcends time and space, knows no limits, and is infinite, absolute, eternal, changeless, the All, without attributes, beyond both name and form. The game ends when the player becomes himself, the essence of play.
What people say
I met a person with whom I feel good together. Met him at the "happiness" position. The game really tells you what to do and how to live your life.
Fully lived this day. There is no longer a line between this game and life. Does life adjust to the game or the game to my life?
I have a lot of energy, which I feel in real life. I have more strength. Sometimes it seems to me that the consequences of the game are reflected in my real life. Or maybe he's invented? I don't know, it's time to roll the dice
Leela… for me it was a first trip through inner circles of myself through the Leela Game. It's the game in the game) It is valuable as an experience in the momentum, how Leela trains and develops observation of yourself and reality and changes of your states for movement forward. It Clarifies!